Here’s what CJ Lange, E-Commerce Manager from Industries for the Blind, wrote about us:

Dear Klein Internet Crew:

Thank you for your efforts on our behalf!   The designers at Klein Internet Marketing Group have managed a visually appealing presentation while making navigation to dozens of different programs and over 40,000 products clean, simple and intuitive.   We constantly get rave reviews from our users…even our competitors.

You have paid phenomenal attention to our goals.   The site architecture you provide, using inexpensive open source code, has saved us tens of thousands of dollars-or more-while providing an extremely stable site for us.   We haven’t experienced one second of downtime as we approach a year online.

Indeed, your programmers have often caught items we might have overlooked without their diligence and attention-to-detail.

Our sales have grown nearly five-fold since we gave Klein Internet the job that a competitor had for two years.   We’re looking at ending our first year with you with a nearly eight-fold increase in sales…far more than promised or expected.   We’ve also saved virtually all of the development costs of the site because you’ve saved us the equivalent of two full-time clerical workers by automating order entry and fulfillment.   These bottom-line benefits are more than we’d dreamed of accomplishing in the first year of our project with you.

We also thank you for your special assistance with Section 508 requirements.   The internet is a door to the world for the blind and visually impaired…at least when they can find sites that allow them to use the special tools, like text readers, that allow the disabled to access the information we often take for granted.   Your crew did a fine job of getting the industrial seal of approval for site access by the disabled.   As you know, this could be a real feather in your cap if the government requires ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance for websites.   It makes sense for us to provide the same equal access to disabled persons online that we do in our offices and factories.

Thank you again. You’ve been great to work with, speaking personally as well as professionally.


CJ Lange
E-Commerce Manager