About Us

We believe the internet is the greatest marketing and communications opportunity of today and tomorrow.  IndustryQuote, a division of OnYourMark, LLC, has been created to provide cost-effective internet marketing tools to American manufacturers and distributors.

IndustryQuote has been providing industrial companies with fast, easy, effective and affordable websites since 1995. Indeed, the only websites we created from 1995 through 1997 were for manufacturers and distributors.

We’ve also created the Thomas Register of American Manufacturers’ websites of many of our clients, updating their own site in the process… all for the amount budgeted for “film-in-the-field” reimbursement from Thomas Publishing Co..

Partner with us and you benefit from our unique perspective (see the “Industrial Buying Process” and “Industrial Websites”) and vast experience (see our “Portfolio”) with industrial marketing.

Industrial Marketing is our specialty and has been since 1988.  Our company was an independent representative of the Thomas Register of American Manufacturers for ten years, beginning in 1988.  When our founder saw the Internet coming in 1994 he prepared to help clients with online marketing services beginning in 1995.  Klein Industrial Marketing Group became Klein Internet Marketing Group in 1997.  IndustryQuote is now the arm of our business that deals entirely in industrial marketing.

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