Industrial Buying Process

Our Internet marketing philosophy parallels the industrial marketing techniques used for the old “Bible of Industry,” Thomas Register.  Thomas Register was, at one time, the largest single universe of industrial suppliers.  That universe has been usurped and expanded by the phenomenon of the Internet juggernaut.

97% of industrial purchases are initiated by the buyer.

The buyer may be anyone performing here (e.g., owners, engineers, purchasing agents, etc.) specifying and buying functions.

1stTo be available 24/7 – at exactly the time the buyer’s checkbook is open and they’re looking for suppliers, there’s no better place to be than online.  The Buyer initiates 97% of all industrial purchases.  If you’re doing 3% response in direct marketing purchases, you’re doing very well.  That’s the flip side…which would you rather focus on: 97% or 3%?

The average buyer seeks four potential suppliers.

The average buyer looks at two suppliers they know (done business with, met at shows, were referred to, etc.) and two new potential vendors (to learn the latest technology, get competitive pricing, etc.).

“New Sources” and “Known Sources.”

We view our job as ensuring you are one of the four…preferably the first.  Naturally, when buyers find you, you should look like the kind of company they’d like to deal with.

Educated buyers are the best kind.

Buyers want detailed, printed information before they buy.  You no longer have to print and distribute that information.  Now, buyers find you and print exactly the information they need.

We help you make it easy for buyers to find the information they need to specify and buy from you.graduate

Although your sales team may be extremely effective, they still can’t reach all your prospects.  Turn that around-let all your prospects reach you by allowing them to access you at their convenience, 24/7.  Your online catalog or capabilities brochure is like a virtual sales force-it’s there when your sales force physically cannot be.

Your online catalog should complement your printed catalog-and it can offer more.  Your catalog should already provide the most helpful and complete information so you stand out in side-by-side comparisons and gain the competitive edge.  Your online catalog goes a step farther, by having the most up-to-the date information available because you can change and update your catalog information more frequently and cost-effectively.

Rule of thumb:  If they can’t find what they’re looking for in three clicks, they’ll be tempted to find a place where they can.

The buyer is confident enough to call and ask, “I need something that can do such-and-such.”  We believe that’s a great inquiry for a manufacturer.

Give buyers all the information they need to buy from you.  Gather all the information you need from buyers to sell them.

Become a resource for people in your industry.

Go beyond simply hawking your products.  Answer questions.  Provide solutions to common problems in your industry.  When itextra comes time to buy, people want to buy from someone who is interested in solving their problems.

Our underlying philosophy:  The best way to sell is to make it easy for buyers to buy from you.

Strong, Immediate Buying Action:
Qualified Buyers contact Qualified Sellers

When you create your online presence, you’ll see sales results.

5th_picCorporate purchasing executives are participating in online marketplaces, auctions and exchanges in growing numbers.  A recent study shows that over 80% of companies consider the Internet to be important to their future buying needs.

“By 2004, online purchasing will represent 40 percent of total purchasing,” says Andy Blackburn, BCG Vice President.  BCG estimates that U.S. B2B e-commerce will grow from $1.2 trillion in year 2000 to $4.8 trillion in transaction value by 2004.

The Internet is revolutionizing the way people do business.  Join the revolution-today.

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